Club Teams

Games have been part of the Railway Club’s story since we were home to the British Rail workers of the mid-twentieth century. We don’t know if those men had a competitive streak, but what we do know is that in the years since the Railway has built up a formidable reputation for pub sports of every kind!

Whatever you’re into, we have a team for it – and it’s probably a good one. Members of all kinds and levels can join up to hone their skills, meet new friends … and maybe win a trophy for the club’s cabinet.

We love to win a match at the club, but we also just like to get together and have a game. That’s what our teams are for – to bring our members together to enjoy themselves. Anything else is a bonus … and it has be said there tend to be a lot of bonuses at the Railway!

Pop in and have a chat with us about the sports we play, and when are teams meet. New players are always in demand!


We have three teams at the Railway and are always open to new members and teams. As a member you’re able to join, so feel free to enquire!


The Railway has two of the best and well looked after tables in the town and they’re available for members to use at their leisure and also for our teams.


With two boards in the Railway, you can have a casual throw whilst watching the many TVs in the bar, or have a more private match in the games room. We’d love some new players, so come and play!


For people of all ages, skittles is always good fun. Whether having a game with family or joining a team at the Railway, all options are there!


One of the age-old staples of the Railway, our bowling green, surrounded by the outdoor seating area. We’ve had established teams of all standards for many years and a lovely Clubhouse. Enquire with us about our open days and feel free to have a game in the summer with friends!